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Labor Day Wrap Up

Vacay in the "Hamptons"? Not exactly, but it was right where we wanted to be.  I was booked for the Shinnecock Native American Festival from Friday through Monday.  This is our 8th or 9th year there and we love it.  It's nice being so close to the ocean and smelling the salty air.

Our Labor Day travels began in Washington, DC Wednesday evening when we thought we would be very clever and drive across the Verrazano Bridge (a change from the George Washington Bridge) through NYC on our way to Southampton.  It was an easy trip up to the Narrows Bridge . . . across the Verrazano Bridge . . . through the Bronx, through Queens and finally, FINALLY, out to the Long Island Expressway (LIE or I495).  Every trucking company in America must have been represented on that road, maybe two of each.  In retrospect, we decided we'll stick to the GWB.

In addition to the Festival, there's also the Hampton Classics which is a horse show and the U.S. Tennis Open.  We arrived at the Shinnecock Reservation in the wee hours of the morning and settled in for a good, well-deserved sleep.

That morning, Thursday, the vendor coordinator and friend, Lance Gumb, showed us to our site where we took our time parking, setting up, hooking up, saying hi to old and new friends, walking the girls, grabbing some breakfast and getting our credentials.  It was afternoon before we finally started setting up and with our leisurely pace, finished up just before dark, in time to eat one of the meals Kimberly pre-made and froze to cut down on the chaos of the weekend. Our choices were pot roast, hearty chicken soup and arroz con pollo, that and a salad kept us going all weekend.  After 11 years of this crazy lifestyle, we're starting to get the hang of it.

Monday was the last day and ended about 6pm.  Since my flight left at 7am yesterday morning, Kimberly volunteered to tear down the merch booth by herself, so I could just pack and get ready for my trip to Phoenix.  She's driving the motorhome from Southampton, NY to Pittsburgh, PA over the next couple of days which is no easy feat through, again, NYC, but this time across the GWB.

Thanks to Lance for the re-fuel info and routing info to help her get back to the "mainland".  I can see the military training in her.  If it needs to get done, she just does it.  Because I play with the Chandler, AZ symphony on Friday and then we play 2 shows as a duo in Pittsburgh on Sunday, there really wasn't any other way.  So, now I'm in Phoenix, playing with my new laptop and promising myself to blog my journey.  My other computer is on its last leg . . . and Kimberly is in Hamburg, PA for the night. 

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