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Tonight's the Night with Chandler Symphony, and I forgot . . .

I'll tell you what I forgot in a few minutes.  

It's been busy the last couple of days, which usually happens on these short trips.  Yesterday, I drove down to Tucson, to our storage shed where some of our stuff from the old motorhome got stored when we bought it in February.  What we gained in additional living space, we lost in storage space in the moho, so I grabbed a few things and returned to Gilbert.

I always feel a little nostalgic playing with a symphony, or any classical ensemble, really, I mean I spent much of my youth playing in school orchestras, then in symphonies around the midwest before reaching outside of my comfort zone and begin playing other genres.  It's true, your first love is the sweetest!  And so I return to playing with symphonies, string orchestras, etc. once in a while and I'm reminded of how far I've come.  It's always alot of fun and now just one more genre I'm comfortable with.

Tonight my niece Erica will be videotaping and taking a few photos for me to take home (which right now is near Pittsburgh, PA) to Kimberly for editing.  I'm sure she'll be posting it by Monday or Tuesday.

Also, my daughter Alyssa will be there with two of her custom designed and hand-made "button bow ties" (https://www.facebook.com/RegenerousDesigns).  A black and white bowtie for me and a red and black one for the conductor, Alex Zhang.  We'll be the two best dressed there! I'm sure Alyssa will post photos from the venue tonight.

So, I'm driving this morning in the East Valley, picking up printing, visiting the Victory Wellness Center for a session and on the way back to my nephew's home I start doing my "list" in my head for the upcoming gig.  Music, story, instruments, stage outfit  . . . huh? my thoughts stop at my tuxedo shirt tail and above my black cowboy boots because I FORGOT TO PACK MY BLACK PANTS!  So I pull over and google the nearest shopping center.  Whew, there's a Macy's nearby. Tragedy averted.

Good thing I did my "list" in my head.  This happened one other time in Charlevoix, Michigan and let me tell you there were NO pants in my size in that town except some overalls . . . and I think some extra, extra roomy work pants. 

So, I'll be heading to Chandler in a few hours, enough time to run over the music once more, grab a bite to eat, tell the story of Quaninch and with any luck, take a quick nap.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be at the Phoenix airport bright and early in the morning (Saturday), and arrive in Pittsburgh about 8pm.  Sunday morning, we'll be at the A Fair in the Park downtown Pittsburgh for sound check and 2 sets later in the day.  It'll be fun, but I'm looking forward to Monday and Tuesday down days and some play time with all my girls at home!




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