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Arizona to Pennsylvania - A "Fair" Time

Got in to Pittsburgh about 7:30pm on Saturday to a nice warm welcome from my "girls".  The flight was uneventful and as usual, I met some interesting folks on the flight which always makes it nicer.  

The Chandler Symphony gig was one of those kind of events I just really enjoy.  It forces me to practice even more focus on just the music instead of all the stuff associated with my life on the road! Many thanks to Alex Chang, conductor, for a wonderful musical event and Dennis Jent, Maryann Shearer, Erica Dyer for helping with all the peripherals and Alyssa Bird for my bow tie.  Hey, when you play with a symphony you have a wear a bow tie, right?  Alex Zhang and I were both recipients of these charming hand-made "Regenerous Designs" button bow ties. 

Our first set at "A Fair in the Park" in downtown Pittsburgh was at 11:45am and 2:45pm.  I was floored at the talent at this art event.  Amazing!  One artist had added mosaic (shiny - bling) to 3 violins.  I'll swear if they could have been played, I would have bought one!  

The only bummer was that our Jeep was parked in the right place at the wrong time and got nailed by a driver.  The driver did let us know and has insurance, but the damage is pretty bad, so we'll be getting it fixed when we get to Ohio.  It's still drive-able, but is missing a chunk.  If we were gonna stay another week, we could have had it fixed.  Thank you Budd Baer Collision for great service today.

Back to the event, I don't know why anyone was worried about it being a home game opener for the Steelers.  The grounds at Mellon Park were packed.  And then so was the interstate on the way home yesterday evening! Our GPS kept trying to find a quicker route, but we just stayed the course and eventually made it home fine.

Today was not real productive, but we did get an estimate on the Jeep, had a Cracker Barrel b'fast, did a little grocery shopping, unpacked a few more things from the trip and during dinner, watched the very anti-climactic U.S. Open Men's Final.  Felt bad for Kie, but Marin totally outplayed him and never let Kie get into the match.  

Looking forward to dinner with a friend tomorrow night and then Wednesday we'll be on our way to Ohio and to find someone to fix our Jeep . . . bummer . . . but so appreciate the guy that was man enough to admit what had happened.  It's all good and no one got hurt!


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