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From the "Pitts" to the "Park"

One of the challenges about traveling in a motorhome is defining my work area.  Since getting the new(er) moho, I've been able to create a nice little space for my bookwork, violin practice and research.  Kimberly got up early and caught me still in my Guinness Jammies, night shirt and working on my computer.  She thinks it's "cute" and you'd like to see what I do first thing in the morning.  By the time this photo was taken, I had already practiced for over an hour and my tummy was growling for breakfast.

This morning I drew out my desk design that I'm going to have made.  Obviously, I can't go to Wal-Mart and buy a pre-fabbed desk cause they just don't fit in the space I have, but I think what I have is s a nice design and will suit our needs perfectly.  AND will fit perfectly on our slideout, which leaves us plenty of room.

We have a good schedule worked out.  I go to bed early and get up early, and she goes to bed late and gets up late.  That way she's got quiet time in the late evening and I've got it in the early morning.  Works well for us.  

We left Pittsburgh Wednesday with a short trip to Clay's Park Resort in Canal Fulton, OH.  We located a collision center in Norton along our route to get another quote so we can hopefully get her fixed while we're here.  We disconnected the Jeep from the Moho and Kimberly drove on to get us checked in and set up while I got the estimate.

I got a call from her when I was about 15 minutes away and she told me that the check-in lady told her, "and if you need to go to the tornado shelter . . . " whoa, back up there. Say what? Yes, there was a tornado watch in the area . . . she wasn't happy about that, even though she won her last unfortunate tangle with an F5, but being a logistics person, she found out where the storm shelter was.  

When I arrived, the weather definitely looked like it was deteriorating and we got our emergency backpacks out and waited.  About 30 minutes later, our phones blared out an emergency alert message along with the local siren.  We grabbed up the girls, our packs, threw them into the Jeep and drove to the shelter where we met with a handful of other RVers.  We stood around and visited, all the dogs sniffed each other and about 30 minutes after that, the Tornado warning was downgraded to a tornado watch and we all went back to our "homes".

We felt pretty confident all night that the worst was over, and were VERY happy that a campground had an underground shelter.  Amazing.  I don't know of any others that we've stayed at the had one underground.  Good to be prepared.

So Clay's Park Resort in Canal Fulton is our home for the next 12 days or so until we start heading south.  It's a beautiful, beautiful park, lots of pine and oak trees and we are here for the Yankee Peddler festival which is tons of fun.    

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