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A Little Time Off in Ohio

We've been in Ohio the last 10 days or so and I gotta say it's really been nice to have a little time off.  We've taken full advantage of it too.  

It seems like just about anywhere we stay for more than 5 days (which isn't as often as you might think), it starts to feel a little homey and we look around and say things like "maybe this would be a nice place to settle down".  Then it's like an energy starts nudging us on to the next gig.  It's hard to explain, but when it's time to leave, we're ready.  We are always energized by the next leg of our journey and the next stop.  I don't think "the girls" particularly like it, but I think they're pretty content just being with us.  They certainly don't run out of places to sniff!

Coco, our oldest 4-legged has been on the road with us since the day we left Nashville.  I often wonder if she gets tired of it or if she looks forward to returning to some of our familiar places and maybe she enjoys the new scents, too.  Oftentimes on our walks it's hard to get her to move on down the path because she seems to want to smell every single blade of grass.  Zoey lays down and waits. She's very patient.

This little break has given us a chance to catch up on a couple of movies.  We watched "Transcendence" with Johnny Depp and "White House Down" with Jamie Foxx.  We enjoyed White House Down most, probably because of the action but Transcendence was very thought provoking just not what you'd call exciting.  Both worth watching.

We've been able to have some mail catch up with us (thank you Gretchen and Bob) and I've had a chance to recover all my music tracks from my computer "issue" in July.  Well, it wasn't actually a computer issue, it was more like a, um, person issue.  Yes, I admit it, I did a bad-bad thing on my computer and it had to go to the Geek Squad Hospital where they were able to retrieve all my data, reinstall windows and all that kind of good stuff. HOWEVER, I've had that computer for a long time and have NO idea which storage locker (Nashville or Tucson) my original program disks are in, so I wasn't able to edit any of my performance music tracks or new songs I'm working on since then.  That's been frustrating.

All of that prompted me to get a new computer, order new versions of the software I need, install it and . . . well, that's not as simple and quick as it sounds.  Anyone who's had to do that knows what I mean.  But I'm prepared for next time.  Fortunately, I married my tech support agent.  

The main thing I'm working on now is getting tracks edited for my next gig September 27th in Springfield, OH.  Kimberly is abandoning me that weekend for her dad's 90th birthday in Arizona.  She booked the Springfield gig as a duo, so I needed to find someone who could take her place.  Fortunately, Ohio musician T.J. Marlatt is a solid musician, can improvise and plays everything I need him to.  The only thing is, he said he's not going to do the lovey dovey songs with me or make googley eyes at me like Kimberly does.  Gosh, that hurts!  :-)

Monday, the 29th, we'll head east to Berkeley Springs where I'll do 3 days of residency in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia with local schools followed by a public concert.  Right after the concert we'll drive a few hours to get a headstart on the drive to Radford, VA for two Highland Games performances the next day. Then we start heading south again; TN, GA, FL. Can't believe how fast this year has gone.




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