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Planes, Trains and . . . Moho's . . .

This has been a busy and a little atypical week for us.  Now, remember, not ALL weeks are like this, but usually there's a LOT more travel involved.  

Last Sunday (the 27th), I played a gig in Springfield, OH with T. J. Marlatt at the CultureFest.  It was a lot of fun and certainly different playing with a big hairy dude, instead of Kimberly.  T.J. told Kimberly that he refused to make googly eyes at me while I was playing . . . can you imagine?   But we really did have a good time and I appreciated him filling in for Kimberly while she was in Arizona at her Dad's 90th birthday.  

Due to a travel delay out of Phoenix, Kimberly got back to Columbus airport at zero dark thirty, which put us back to the motorhome WAY past our bedtime.  With an early start ahead of us, we drove to Berkeley Springs, WV where we stayed for the next 4 days.  This was an interesting campground in that there were RV's of every type, Class A's, B's, C's, travel trailers, and 5th wheels, even a nice big teepee on someone's lot, but NO water or sewer at the site OR anywhere in the park . . . imagine our surprise.

We didn't know this little tidbit of information until we arrived in the very late, late afternoon. OK, no problem.

About 20 minutes after we arrived, the first of what seemed like 127 trains made their migration to and from their destination, blowing their horn just to make sure we knew they were passing by.  We decided they were just saying, "Hi" in train talk.

The next morning, we were up at 5:30am in order to be dressed, hair ironed, makeup on (Kimberly's not mine), dogs walked, fed, us fed, packed and at the school by 7:30am to sign in, be fingerprinted (OK, I made that up) and set up ready to roll at 8:30am at which point we began the first of 3 shows for the kids which included dancing by the kids, music and stories each of the next 3 days.  Friday, we just had two, so 11 shows altogether.  I love that they were so engaged and open.  I was never like that as a kid, so seeing others enjoying themselves and just be "kids" was very rewarding.  It brought out the kids in me, actually.

Each day, we went home, scarfed some leftovers from the night before, and had a "pack nap".  Although the girls are always excited to see us, they're always up for a pack nap.  Anyone with Shih Tzus knows what I mean.

Friday was a little different in that we only had 2 morning shows, but when we got back home, we had to break camp and move to a location closer to the concert venue for that night.  

The concert was great.  The Ice House is a small "black box" venue that was sponsored by the Morgan Arts Council and holds 100 or so seats.  In a town of 600+ I was surprised and pleased that the seats were nearly full.  We didn't count, but there were only a handfull of seats not taken.  

With a 7:30pm start time, we were sure we could be wrapped up, packed and back to the motorhome by 10:30pm.  We normally don't like to rush through our travel and packing, but we really needed to be on the road and at least one or preferrably two hours into the trip to Radford for the Highland Games at which we were scheduled to play at noon and 3pm.  

We had it all planned out.  Kimberly would drive to Flying J while I napped, dump and pump, then park there and sleep a few hours, I would wake up at my usual 5:00am to start driving the rest of the trip while Kimberly, who would drive to our late night destination, slept in a little.  We figured we'd be at Flying J and asleep by midnight . . . About 1:30am we pulled into Cracker Barrel's parking lot . . . (that's a whole different blog which I'm not going to write).  

I woke up when the motorhome started moving . . . it was 5:30am.  If Kimberly hadn't woke up to let Coco (our old girl) off the bed, we probably would have slept until noon!  The best laid plans of mice and men . . . Shakespeare?

We arrived with 1 hour to sound check and believe me by the time we finished our 2nd set, drove to the campground and parked for the night, we were toast!

Sunday was a nice quiet day, well, for me . . . Kimberly did the much needed 8 loads of laundry and grocery shopping early in the morning, then we vegged out and watched football on "over the air" TV, 60 minutes then Madame Secretary.  That was about all the TV we could take at one time.  Fortunately, we combined efforts and made a good Arroz con Pollo in the crock pot earlier in the day.

Today, we drove to Tazewell, VA to visit some folks that I'm going hiking with over the next couple of days. I think I've recouped enough for that.  And how was YOUR week?  


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