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Join me, And other wild animals for Daunte's Legacy Memorial

DAUNTE'S LEGACY MEMORIAL NOV. 14, 15, & 16th. To reserve your drumming spot at the EARS Sanctuary (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary), take a Legacy Tour, reserve your camping spot, be a vendor, see vendors attending, donate to help fund Daunte's Legacy Event.  If you more need details on the event click Legacy button above.  If you have additional questions contact EARS at EarsInc@aol.com.

I will be there, giving a concert and drum with all the others on November 16th all day, so I'm asking you to come hang out with me and the other wild animals (;-).   I will play twice on Sunday, November 16th.

Here is part of a post from the official Daunte's Legacy Facebook page.  


Imagine 300 drummers inside the EARS sanctuary gates at 4PM on Saturday Nov 15th 2014. When the drummers at Ears starts to drum we will be joined by thousands of drummers around the World. The military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan are all ready on board to drum with us. We will have a live Internet feed for this event.

No matter where in the World you are we invite you to join us. Throw an "animal get together" that day. You can sing, dance, drum, read a poem, tell animal stories or just hit two sticks together. Just get a bunch of friends together and make a joyful noise showing your love and concerns for the animals in the World. Let Ears know if you are going to have a "animal get together" to honor the animals. We would like to know. Click here to read more about this event.

Then share the event with all your friends from the Daunte's Legacy Facebook Page.


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