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Arizona - Animal Totems 3 - Florida

Seems like we spent a lot of time in Southern Arizona this year when we would normally be in the Phoenix Valley.  Well, that's just the way the bookings came in and it worked out perfectly. 

I find I’m enjoying performing and traveling more than I have in some time.  Maybe it was just a slump, but I know the fans have a lot to do with me coming out of it and my own work with my animal totems.  The slump wasn’t bad, just a perspective I found myself slipping into. The animals really give me clarity and so I’m giving more totems workshops now to honor them along with the new recordings. 

A new venue was Green Valley Community Performing Arts Center in January.  That was really special.  Will Clipman and Scotty Spenner performed with Kimberly and I.  The seats were nearly full and they really enjoyed it.  Most of you know Kimberly and I do most of the shows as a duo, augmenting with my soundtracks, so this was a treat for us to "fly without a net".  We did some new songs and some of my well-known songs acoustically which all sounded incredible.  She's been working hard learning the songs.  "One at a time, I tell her, one at a time."  

We also performed in Quartzsite. . . interesting place, Quartzsite.  It’s somewhat of a ghost town until the Gem and RV Show in January.  Unbelievable.  I learned about the “Haleluiah tent”  where people looking for out of stock RV parts and accessories.  When they find them, you will hear strains of “Haleluiah”, hence the name.    

Also, ran into an old friend who now owns a military museum there, Gunny's RV Park & Military Museum.  Gunny, his father and grandfather are veterans of 3 wars.  It's small with quality military items and he's quite the well-educated and informed "curator".  Kimberly gave a little shudder when she saw the actual c-rations he had on display.  I think she turned as green as the olive drab cans!

We just finished a show at Picacho Peak, so it's almost midnight now.  Kimberly's working on the website, entering email names, doing the bookkeeping from the show tonight and trying to figure out how she's going to practice her part (one of the Andrews' sisters) at her mom's 90th birthday party Saturday.  I'm determined to send out this blog, but definitely not lasting much longer.  

We launched my Kickstarter Campaign today to fund Animal Totems 3. YOU can be part of it! Check out my Kickstarter page or just click on the video above this blog.  I appreciate your support and know we'll completely fund this one, too, with your help.  I'm hoping you'll find at least one reward level you would like to pledge.  

We'll be at The Sea of Glass here in Tucson this Friday, February 20 at 7pm, tickets available here.  I'm thinking Will and Kimberly will let loose on a percussion duo and no telling what could happen there.  We'll be video and audio taping the show, so I'm expecting a really good crowd.

I mentioned Kim’s Mom, Barbara.  This Saturday, February 21st, we'll be celebrating her 90th birthday.  Kimberly's been doing one of her family-famous videos.  Hard to edit 90 years into less than 10 minutes.  Barbara is the ideal mother-in-law.  Supportive, generous and loving.  She did one in September for her step-dad, Lefty, commemorating his fully paid trip sponsored by Honor Flight Southwestern Arizona, to the war memorials in Washington, DC.  As she said of the video, "There wasn't a dry eye in the house".  She has a knack for timing and music, so it really did turn out great.

Our girls are doing great and keeping us grounded and sane.  If not for our 4-leggeds, well, let's just say life is infinitely better with Coco (about 17) and Zoey (12).  They have a cameo role in my Kickstarter video.

Sunday, I’m performing special music at the Tucson Center for Spiritual Living, then giving a concert at the church.  They are really super people and I'm looking forward to it to wind down with spirit this season.

We leave for Florida on Monday, February 23rd, maybe the 22nd if we can get away in time just to put a few miles in before dark.  

Thank you, Arizona fans, for our best season here EVER!  FLORIDA FANS, here we come!

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