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2016 Off to a Wild Start!

February is already well underway and I haven't blogged in a few months, so I've gotta catch up in 2500 words or less (just kidding).

After a flurry of gigs in Southern Arizona, Northern Arizona and finally Central Arizona, the first two weeks in December, I took the last two weeks of December off to go to Peru -- Kimberly opted to stay in Mesa where she could visit family for the holidays.  I returned on a Monday, went for a pre-planned visit to the doctor on Tuesday and my happy self was in the hospital by Wednesday afternoon.  Yadda, yadda, yadda . . . Kimbery drove me home minus one "sand-filled" gallbladder at Wednesday 9:00pm and by Friday morning I was on my way to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum to play a noon concert 36 hours later.  Thank you Dr. Abdo!

We had a variety of performances in the Phoenix Valley, then drove to Quartzsite for a couple of shows.  As many of you know, our new little Shih Tzu Katie Isabella, was run over in a terrible accident, but thanks to Kimberly's "shut up and get her in the car, never say 'die'" attitude and breaking every speed record, daring highway patrol to stop us, we were able to get her in record time to the Circle H Animal Hospital in Blythe, California, to Doc Montgomery and his staff who took exceptional care of her.  Three days later we brought her home and prepared for round the clock care.

I'm happy to say that it's a month later and in spite of life-threatening injuries and fractures (too gross to describe here) KatieBell is about 75 recuperated.  All stitches and drains are out and she is walking ok (still a ways to go there), but we're working with her and taking good care of her.

We had a great weekend at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park for Valentine's Day weekend.  In addition to having incomparable help in the booth and spending the weekend with our friends, Beverly and Dan Armstrong, we were joined on stage for the Eagle and Condor by Inka Gold, who, incidentally added their incredible talent to my Animal Totems 3 CD.  

We also had the pleasure of having Brad Bearsheart and his family to perform with us!  So much wonderful music and dancing, food, drinks, ice cream and of course fine artwork.

After that three day weekend, we drove to Tucson for a concert and a day off to drive to Willcox to visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame / Rex Allen Museum where we were treated to a tour by our good friend Gayle Caulton, who is a walking encyclopedia of Southern Arizona info. A lunch with my wonderful in-laws, Barbara and Lefty Lazovich, made the day perfect.

Now we're back in Cave Creek, at our last Valley event, followed by concerts in Picacho Peak and Hereford before leaving for Florida.  So, for the most part, we've enjoyed our stay in Arizona again and look forward to many new adventures this year.  Will you join us on our journey?  I hope so!  

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