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Spotify is a great place to listen to more of my music all in one place.  As we upload more music, please click on the green "Follow" button below to be notified and to share Arvel's music with your friends.  

Play Along With arvel?

The only thing better than listening to your favorite music is playing along with it!  Now YOU can play along with Arvel and his Animal Totems Music Book.  

The book features piano arrangements by the amazing Jeff Brown AND an insert book of the melody sheet music which shows note for note, "lick" for "lick" the violin music Arvel plays on his Animal Totems album.

The music can be interpreted for any melody instrument and leaves plenty of room for improvisation.

Get both books for $22.95 plus shipping. Ships immediately. Please indicate on the order page if you would like the book autographed by Arvel.

Celtic Indian

Arvel Bird's “Celtic Indian" brand reflects his mixed-blood American Indian heritage and Celtic roots in a unique confluence of musical styles represented in his live performances.  It includes two previously unreleased songs.

In addition to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Gallaecia, it could be argued that “Celtic Indian” should be considered the 8th Celtic nation.

From Classical to Celtic to contemporary Native American, no where is this authentic blend of cultural music more convincing than in Arvel Bird's latest CD “Celtic Indian” available here.  

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