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This is undoubtedly Arvel's most popular workshop at New Thought Centers, Metaphysical Groups and other spiritual organizations.

The Animal Totems workshop is a GENERAL Native American perspective on the way North American indigenous cultures honored animals and interacted with them in their daily lives for inspiration, guidance and answers and yes, food.  It is not meant to speak for all tribes or cultures, but rather provides a primer for additional study.  It is a practical approach to understanding the animal kingdom including insects, mammals and fish, in the way of most indigenous cultures.  The animals have much to teach us, if we’ll just listen. 

The Animal Totems workshop helps attendees to open the channels of communication with the spiritual essence of the animals.  After providing basic knowledge of animal “medicine” or “characteristics”, Arvel charges everyone to focus on one question to take with us on a shamanic journey (guided meditation) to connect with our power animals.  15 minutes is given to write down our experience, then Arvel allows each attendee to share their experience with the others.   The shamanic journey is a process they will be able to take home with them to connect with even more of their spirit guides.

The Workshop comes with a workbook and reference material to continue their studies.

Arvel is available for private sessions after the Workshop.

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